About Us


Specialists in the installation of safe and exciting play areas.

How Greenfields can help you

As suppliers and installers of Thermmark Playground Markings, we are able to offer a very wide range of playground designs and markings, fitted using high-quality and lasting techniques. The quick installation means that it only takes minutes to cool down after application. Using thermoplastics, the markings are extremely resilient to the test of time – in fact, our markings last up to 10 times longer than paint! All this on a non-slip, brightly coloured selection of designs!
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How can I order?

Once you have found the designs or theme that you would be interested in applying to your school playground or play surface, simply visit the contact page to get in touch. We will be pleased to help you develop your ideas and talk through the various options and costs.

Once the work commences, our commitment is to ensure that your project is completed in the best possible time frame and to an extremely high quality.
We look forward to hearing from you!